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			A Guide to PPC Bid Strategies

A Guide to PPC Bid Strategies

There are a number of benefits to using pay-per-click as part of your digital marketing strategy; it’s cost effective, measurable, trackable and can be tailored to your specific needs. For example, you use PPC to target a specific location or target audience, and you can choose how much to spend per day. To get the most out of PPC, you need to have a strategy in place. There are a variety of strategies to choose from, many of which we have detailed below.

Manual/Enhanced CPC

With manual CPC bidding, you set the amount that you are willing to pay for clicks. This gives you a lot of control over how much you are spending, which is why it’s a popular choice for startups and those with limited budgets. However, with a manual CPC bid strategy, you aren’t taking advantage of Google’s machine learning. This means you won’t have access to audience targeting and time of the day optimisation.

Maximise Clicks

As the name suggests, this PPC bid strategy is focused on getting as many clicks as possible, whilst staying within your daily budget. You can set a limit on how much you are willing to pay for each click, and this cap can help you to avoid overspending. However, this strategy doesn’t optimise around conversions.

Maximise Conversions

If you are looking to get as many conversions as possible, this is a PPC bid strategy worth considering. It’s focused on generating as many conversions as possible for your daily budget. However, you can’t cap bids, which could lead to high cost per clicks.

Target CPA

With a target CPA bid strategy, you can set the conversion cost and Google will optimise around this. It does this in an attempt to achieve the target conversion cost that you set, whilst getting as many conversions as possible. However, there is no guarantee that your target will always be met.

Target Impression Share

This bidding strategy is focused on impressions and advertisement visibility, rather than conversions and clicks. It’s an effective way to boost brand awareness and get your business out there, but it’s unlikely to lead to lead generation and sales.

Target ROAS

Target ‘return on ad spend’ bidding is ideal for ecommerce websites, and it optimises your ads around the amount of revenue generated. It automatically sets bids with the goal of showing your ad to as many people as possible, with the aim of boosting the return on what you have spent.

There is no denying that PPC can be complex and, with so many businesses utilising Google’s offerings, it can be hard to stand out. This is where we come in. At Profici, we offer a professional PPC management service, which involves us handling everything on your behalf. Find out more about PPC management by getting in touch with our talented team of experts.