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Terms & Conditions


1.1. You’re now browsing Profici’s official website.

We encourage you to familiarise yourself with our Privacy Guidelines in tandem with these User Terms.

  1. Ownership of Content

All intellectual assets, such as copyrights within our Website, belong to Profici or are displayed with the explicit consent of the rightful owner.

You must refrain from replicating, disseminating, or using any content for commercial intentions without our direct written endorsement.

For genuine website utilisation, certain modifications might be necessary, but any other alterations, captures, or broadcasts of our pages are off-limits without our explicit consent.

All privileges pertaining to the Website’s content rest with Profici.

  1. Usage Restrictions

By accessing Profici’s website, you consent:

  • Not to develop a digital or otherwise database from materials procured from the Website unless explicitly allowed by the site.
  • Not to distribute content or exploit the Website for commercial advantages, which include promoting your products/services.
  • To refrain from sharing or forwarding any content from the Website to outsiders unless explicitly permitted.
  • To avoid distributing content that may violate third-party rights, be illegal, intimidating, slanderous, vulgar, inappropriate, offensive, or potentially incite hate or discrimination. Additionally, content that invades privacy, irritates users, or promotes illegal activities is prohibited.
  • Not to disclose content that jeopardises another person’s privacy or security.
  • To prevent sharing any content that might tarnish Profici’s image or any affiliated brands.
  • To avoid sharing content that, if used by Profici or its permitted third parties, might lead to third-party claims.
  • Not to post hyperlinks leading to content that breaches the aforementioned guidelines.
  1. External Linking

4.1. You can establish links to our Website under these conditions:

4.1.1. Avoid enclosing the Website within frames or similar structures.

4.1.2. Never suggest Profici’s endorsement without written consent or misrepresent your association with Profici.

4.1.3. Don’t use any of Profici’s logos or trademarks without express written approval.

4.1.4. Only link from a site you own.

4.1.5. Ensure your site doesn’t host objectionable content or violate any legal standards or third-party rights.

  1. Data Handling

5.1. Submitting information, especially sensitive data, to Profici comes with the understanding that no communication method is entirely secure.

Profici isn’t liable for damages resulting from data misuse or loss when you submit data through the Website or otherwise. Our Privacy Guidelines oversee our handling of your data.

5.2. By signing up or subscribing, you grant permission for us to track individual site usage, aiding in ensuring the site’s proper use and shaping our product strategies.

  1. Warranty Exclusions

6.1. While Profici strives for 24/7 website availability, the unpredictable nature of the Internet might cause interruptions. The Website is offered “AS IS”, and Profici isn’t accountable for any service disruptions.

6.2. Profici endeavours to keep the Website and promotional emails free from malicious software. Nonetheless, users are advised to perform regular security checks. Profici isn’t accountable for damages resulting from malicious software originating from the Website or our emails.

6.3. Profici isn’t liable for damages stemming from the Website’s use or inability to use its content.

6.4. The Website might contain links to third-party sites for convenience. Engaging with these sites is at your risk; Profici isn’t responsible for their content or availability.

6.5. Should you make purchases through third-party sites linked from our Website, you do so at your risk. Profici isn’t liable for any ensuing contracts.

  1. Liability Limitations of Profici

7.1. Profici isn’t responsible for losses or damages unless:

7.1.1. There’s a violation of a legal duty of care towards you.

7.1.2. The damages weren’t foreseeable.

7.1.3. The damages increased due to your actions.

7.2. Profici’s liability isn’t limited in cases of:

7.2.1. Death or injury from Profici’s negligence.

7.2.2. Deception or misleading actions by Profici.

  1. Terms & Conditions Modifications

8.1. Profici retains the right to modify these terms occasionally. The new terms become binding upon being posted. Continued use signifies your acceptance.

  1. Engagement Terms for Profici Services:

9.1 Your engagement will be managed by Profici, located at Exchange Station, Tithebarn Street, Liverpool, L2 2QP.

9.2. Upon initiating a service, you’ll receive a Service Contract detailing your payment plan. This contract is binding; by endorsing it, you commit to the outlined terms.

9.3. Failing to adhere to the Payment Plan can lead to access restrictions and potential legal repercussions.

9.4. Profici will commence work only post receipt of any necessary upfront payment and requisite details.

9.5. Profici will not assume responsibility for inaccuracies in client-provided information.

9.6. Once a task is finalised and approved, any subsequent changes might incur fees unless they arise due to Profici’s oversight.

9.7. Initial consultations, either via phone or video, are complimentary and limited to 30 minutes.

9.8. Post consultation, a free proposal and quotation will be presented.

9.9. If you opt for another service but utilise any aspect of our proposal, a consultancy charge of £400 applies, payable within 30 workdays. Non-compliance can lead to legal proceedings.

9.10. Engaging with our services mandates signing a Service Contract, which is legally binding. Once endorsed, it’s unmodifiable.

9.11. Any initial payment or setup fee is non-refundable and cannot be transferred to other services.

9.12. Services will commence only post clearance of the initial payment.

9.13. If monthly payments are indicated, Profici will invoice you monthly, with a 14-day payment window. Payments can be made through BACS or Direct Debit via Go Cardless.

9.14. If a full payment is indicated post project completion, an invoice will be provided with a 14-day payment window. BACS is the accepted payment method.

9.15. Clients must ensure the correctness of booking details. Profici isn’t liable for unreported errors.

9.16. Profici is not accountable for services rendered by non-affiliated suppliers.

  1. Order Acceptance Discretion

We reserve the authority to decline or cancel orders if we can’t secure payment authorisation or if there are evident pricing discrepancies.

  1. Marketing Permissions

By engaging with us, you grant permission for Profici to use your name, company name, and event images for ongoing marketing and public relations endeavours.

  1. Termination Guidelines

12.1. For monthly retainers, a written 30-day notice is required to terminate the agreement.

12.2. For project-based work with a 50% upfront payment, this amount is retained by Profici in case of cancellation. Any additional costs incurred will be charged additionally.

12.3. If uncontrollable factors cause project delays, the full payment is still due as per the Payment Schedule.

12.4. Any cancellation requires mutual agreement with Profici’s Managing Director, with written confirmation provided within 2 days.

  1. Agreement Overview

13.1 This contract represents the comprehensive agreement between both parties. It supersedes any prior agreements or terms you might have tried to impose.

  1. General Terms

14.1. Governed by English law, any disputes under these terms will be addressed in the courts of England and Wales, unless Profici chooses to initiate proceedings in the user’s domicile.

14.2. These terms, updated as needed by Profici, constitute the full agreement. The headings are solely for convenience.

14.3. Profici’s rights under these terms are unwaivable and unaffected by any delays or leniency in enforcement.

14.4. You cannot transfer or delegate any of your rights or duties under these terms.

14.5. If any term provision is deemed invalid, it won’t affect other provisions’ validity.

14.6. Profici’s liability for death or injury due to its negligence is not limited or excluded by these terms.

  1. Addressing Concerns

15.1. For feedback or concerns, communicate with us through email at info@profici.co.uk or postal mail addressed to the Managing Director at Profici, [Profici Address, adjust as necessary]. Kindly do so within a 5-day window from the event’s occurrence.

15.2. We pledge a comprehensive examination of all raised issues, ensuring a detailed written reply and corrective measures within a span of 14 days.

15.3. A lack of communication within the stipulated period will be interpreted as the project’s successful conclusion, and no further dialogues will be entertained.

15.4. Premature negative online comments or reviews about Profici without prior discussions will be deemed defamatory. Such actions will be pursued legally.