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As a Business Consultancy, we completely understand that starting a business or maintaining an established one is fraught with challenges. Navigating through these challenges requires more than just effort and perseverance; it requires insight, strategy, and a deep understanding of the business landscape. 

At Profici, our team of experienced business consultants understands that the next steps in your business journey are not always clear, and the future can be uncertain. Each business faces unique challenges, and what works for one may not work for another. This is why we take a fully customised approach to help you succeed across the board.

Becoming a Profici Growth Partner ensures we can provide the right and timely business consultancy for your business. Our Growth Partner Program provides your business with the skills and knowledge of successful CEO’s and COO’s who have taken businesses from six to seven and eight–figure businesses, as well as a host of experienced business consultants within their given fields, meaning for the cost of one salary, you get a whole team dedicated to ensuring the growth and success of your business.

Our dedicated team of business consultants will work with you to help you understand the many different facets of your business – including the best company structure, how to better diversify your product or service, achieve maximum growth, come up with a great business plan, hire the right team, how to best place your business within the digital landscape – and much more.

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Business Consultancy Services


A Business Strategy Is Essential
For Growing Your Business

Marketing Strategy

Go Beyond Boundaries And Borders With The Right Marketing Strategy

Leadership and People

Helping You Succeed Through Leadership, People And Culture

Finance Consultants

Helping You Succeed Through Leadership, People And Culture

Business Planning

The Best-Made Plans, Tailored To Your Exact Needs

Business Growth

Unlock Your Business Potential Through Strategies That Drive Growth

Go-to-Market Strategy

Go-to-Market Strategy can streamline your product launch and drive market success.

Project Management

Give Leadership And Direction
To Your Projects

Directors Box

Gain Access to a Private Members’ Club of Like-minded Business Owners

ISO 9001

A leading provider of ISO 9001 certification services. We help businesses across various industries to achieve ISO 9001 certification

ISO 13485

Our trusted partner for ISO 13485 certification services. We specialise in helping medical device

ISO 17025

Your trusted partner for ISO 17025 certification services. We are a leading provider of ISO 17025