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			Nurture and Sustain Team Health

Nurture and Sustain Team Health

As much as you would like it to, team health doesn’t happen automatically, nor does it happen overnight. You’re unlikely to naturally stumble upon a positive and perfect work environment, and you might even find that you’re faced with an unstable workplace that could crumble at any moment. You might be lucky enough to have a team of people who work well together and collaborate effectively, but building a strong and resilient team requires deliberate effort and hard work. Thankfully, there are a range of ways to nurture and sustain team health, which we have taken a look at below.



How to Nurture and Sustain Team Health

There’s a lot that you can do, as a business owner or team leader, to nurture and sustain team health. This includes:


  • Have the Right People on Your Team – To have a healthy team, you need to have the right people in your corner. There are bound to be people coming and going, hiring and firing, restructuring and redeployment, but the core of your team needs to be a good fit. Once you have the right people, you then need to focus on ensuring that their roles align with their experience, skills and knowledge. People thrive and succeed at work when they are utilising their professional talents, so make sure that their roles allow them to use these talents effectively on daily tasks. Plus, with the right people in the right roles, everyone is more productive.


  • Have a Clear Vision and Business Goal – It’s not enough to have a clear vision for your business, you need your entire team to be on board, understanding of what you want to achieve. Instead of beating around the bush, describing whimsically what the future could hold for your business, use clear language to describe your vision. It’s important that everyone in the organisation understands where the business is going, and how you plan to get there.


  • Prioritise Clear Communication – A healthy team is one that’s on the same page, a team where everyone is working together towards a shared goal. Regular check-ins can help with this, so schedule regular team meetings to discuss progress, challenges and to celebrate successes. Encourage open communication and feedback exchange within your team, even among team members. Your team should feel confident and comfortable communicating with you, even if the topic is somewhat negative or complex.


  • Bring Your Business’ Vision to Life – It’s one thing to have a vision, it’s another to bring that vision to life. The more you share your vision and share its importance with your team, the more real it will feel to everyone. Repeatedly mention it in meetings, ensuring that everyone has heard what your vision is, and make it part of their day-to-day experience of being at work. Your team needs to see that your vision is clear, concise and achievable, as this gives them something to work towards.


  • Create a Judgement-Free Workplace – There’s always going to be mistakes being made at work, but your team shouldn’t be fearful of taking ownership of those mistakes. Create an environment where team members feel comfortable taking risks, sharing ideas and admitting mistakes without the fear of being judged. Instead of focusing on blame and telling people off, focus on working together to find a solution.


  • Promote a Work-Life Balance – A good work-life balance isn’t just beneficial for individual wellbeing, it’s important for team health too. When team members have time to recharge outside of work, they return feeling refreshed and energised. This reduces stress and burnout, leading to a more positive and collaborative working environment. You can promote a work-life balance by offering flexible work schedules or remote work options.


  • Make the Most of Data – Reaching a target and having a project succeed is highly motivating, but it’s not always obvious when something is considered a win, especially with ongoing tasks with no definite end. You are sure to know that data can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of marketing and sales, but you might not know that data can be equally insightful when it comes to sustaining team health. With the right data, you have proof of team wins and goals being reached. You can show your team that hard work really does pay off, and that they are contributing to the success of the company.


  • Get to the Root of Problems – When someone comes to you with a problem at work, they do so trusting that you will find a solution. This doesn’t just mean finding a solution to the immediate problem, it means getting to the root of the issue. People don’t want to raise an issue, knowing that they will have to raise it again, and again, and again. They want to come to you, knowing that the problem will be solved, along with any related issues. By getting to the root of a problem, you are telling your team that you have heard them, and that you are taking their problems seriously.


  • Invest in Professional Development – To nurture a strong team, invest in training to improve individual abilities. By encouraging collaboration, and by helping individuals to develop professionally, it’s possible to nurture your team into one with different perspectives and ideas. You could organise mentorship programs where experienced team members can guide and support less experienced colleagues. You could encourage individuals to attend training days or conferences, creating a culture of continuous learning and growth.


  • Recognise and Celebrate Team Achievements – Recognition is a powerful tool for nurturing a healthy and thriving team. Publicly acknowledging individual and team accomplishments validates their hard work and boosts morale. Reward systems can also encourage hard work, as can peer-to-peer recognition, which also strengthens team bonds and morale. When team members take the time to acknowledge each other’s efforts, it creates a supportive and collaborative environment where everyone feels valued and appreciated.


  • Encourage Team Building Activities – By participating in team building activities outside of the workplace, team members can break down barriers, build trust and improve communication. This allows team members to discover each other’s strengths, leading to a more cohesive workforce. You can do this by organising social events outside of work to foster team bonding and communication, or by organising activities designed to enhance teamwork and problem solving skills.



Why is Team Health Important?

Nurturing and sustaining team health isn’t something to overlook. Here’s why it’s important:


  • Enhanced Productivity – It’s no secret that healthy teams are more productive and efficient, and they tend to perform better. When team members trust and respect each other, communication is easy, making it a lot easier to collaborate. This leads to a smoother workflow, quicker problem solving, and a greater ability to achieve goals.


  • Increased Wellbeing – A positive and supportive team environment boosts morale and reduces stress, leading to improved wellbeing. Team members feel a sense of belonging at work, and they are more likely to experience job satisfaction. This leads to a happier and healthier workforce.


  • Improved Innovation – A healthy team environment allows people to share their ideas freely, even if they are unconventional or innovative. A willingness to embrace different perspectives and creativity increases the chances of finding solutions to challenges.


  • Employee Engagement – When employees feel valued, supported and part of a strong team, they are more engaged in their work and less likely to look for employment elsewhere. Healthy teams experience lower turnover rates and improved staff retention, saving the business time and money that comes with recruitment, training and onboarding.



As you can see, having a strong team is key if you want your business to succeed. A strong team helps a business to grow and thrive, and it’s a significant driving force of innovation. At Profici, we are always on hand to help your business scale, grow and expand, regardless of the industry that you’re in. Get in touch with the Profici growth experts today to find out more.