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Welcome to the Directors Box

Luxury Private Members Club for Business Owners

At the Directors Box, we pride ourselves on being the ultimate destination for business leaders seeking a blend of luxury, exclusivity, and professional growth. Our private members club is designed specifically for business owners who aspire to network, learn, and thrive in a sophisticated and supportive environment.

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Benefits of Becoming a Member

Exclusive Networking Events

Networking is at the heart of the Directors Box. Our exclusive events are meticulously curated to foster meaningful connections among like-minded business owners. Whether it’s an elegant evening reception, a casual business brunch, or a themed networking night, each event is an opportunity to build lasting relationships and explore new business opportunities, with none of the annoyance of being sold to.

Inspiring Seminars and Guest Speakers

Our club regularly hosts seminars featuring renowned business leaders and guest speakers who are at the forefront of their industries. These sessions offer invaluable insights, inspire innovation, and provide practical strategies for success. From cutting-edge industry trends to personal growth stories, our speakers cover a wide array of topics designed to enrich your professional journey.

Comprehensive Financial and Business Consulting

At the Directors Box, we understand that navigating the complexities of business can be challenging. That’s why we offer comprehensive financial and business consulting services as part of our membership benefits. Our award-winning consulting team is here to provide expert advice and tailored solutions to help you achieve your business goals. Whether you need guidance on strategic planning, financial management, or market expansion, our consultants are dedicated to your success.

Membership Details

Membership to the Directors Box is through a selective application process, ensuring that our community remains exclusive and aligned with our high standards. The annual membership fee is £5,000, reflecting the premium services and unparalleled opportunities available to our members. For those members of Profici Growth Partner Programme, membership is included, providing an added benefit to this results-driven business growth programme.

Join the Directors Box

Elevate your business and personal life by becoming a member of the Directors Box. If you’re a business owner looking to join an elite community of professionals, we invite you to apply for membership. Experience the benefits of exclusive networking, top-tier consulting services, and luxurious amenities, all designed to help you thrive.

Interest in learning more about the Profici Growth Partner Programme

The Profici Growth Partner Programme aims to strategically grow your business while giving you more time, easing your stress, and removing the headache of staffing and cost. By working alongside Profici you get the knowledge and experience of CEO’s who have grown multiple businesses to 7 and 8 figures, as well as an experienced team of business consultants and marketers who will integrate into your team to help you strategically plan from financial forecasting to business development, and digital marketing services to ensure your business grows sustainably.

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