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    PPC Management

    Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management

    If your business is underperforming online, we can help turn it into a revenue-generating machine thanks to our comprehensive PPC strategies. Whether you’re a new business looking to enter the sector or a global company looking to expand into new markets, within hours we can have your ads appearing in front of your ideal target audience.

    Our Head of Paid Advertising, Tom Fairclough, is ranked in the top 3% of Google AdWords Partners in the world and has been a Google AdWords Certified Professional since 2019. Supported by a team of knowledgeable experts, Tom has over 7 years’ industry experience and has managed campaigns on behalf of clients such as Chill Factore UK, Pizza Hut, Arriva, Timpson’s, Pall Mall Medical and Interbacs.

    Having a wealth of experience is invaluable when running a Google AdWords account which is why we recommend using a dedicated account manager to ensure you’re maximising your profits, whilst growing your brand at the same time. On average, our clients see their costs per conversions reduce by 33% and their revenue increase by 25%, both of which resulted in significant contributions to growing and expanding their businesses.

    Why Choose Profici to Manage Your PPC?

    • Hand-picked PPC experts and support team
    • First-class PPC management
    • Business and ROI focused
    • Transparent, reliable, and traceable metrics
    • Engaging and impactful content
    • Proven track-record of success

    In addition, we also understand the importance of testing and experimenting in the world of paid advertising. Not being afraid to fail, but failing fast, means we can guarantee to get you the optimum CPA’s much quicker than your competitors, and thus boosting your business.

    From refining your audience, creating brand awareness, and encouraging your demographic to engage further with your ads, to increasing conversions, and harvesting brand loyalty and business advocacy, Profici is here to help increase your return on investment and accelerate the evolution of your company.

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