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			Why Your Business Needs to Invest in Video Marketing

Why Your Business Needs to Invest in Video Marketing

There is no denying the importance of digital marketing and there are a lot of techniques to ensure that you reach your target audience. One of these is video marketing, which involves promoting services or products using professionally created video content. Video marketing can also be used to boost brand awareness and to provide customers with much needed information. In this blog, we have taken a look at why your business should invest in video marketing sooner rather than later.

Catch Customers’ Attention

Sound and motion are much better at attracting and holding attention than static text and images, which is why video content is so effective. Instead of scrolling aimlessly through blog post after blog post, customers can enjoy how interesting and engaging a video is. As so much of the content online is written, videos really stand out as being something different.

Tell Your Story

Video content lets you showcase your team or tell a story, which can help to make your brand feel more personal and individual. This is easier to do with video, as viewers can see exactly what you are talking about, whereas miscommunication and confusion can occur with text. With so many competitor businesses out there, telling your story via video is a key way of standing out and making a statement.

Improved Conversion Rates

Unlike written content, videos include verbal calls to action. These are usually more impactful and memorable than written calls to action, meaning that viewers are more likely to take note of what is being said. Engaging video content makes your users more likely to take action, whether that means getting in touch to find out more or making a purchase there and then.

Next Level Branding

Though video content is not cheap to produce, it’s a worthwhile cost, as it helps your brand to be taken seriously. It shows that you are willing to spend money on marketing, and it shows that you want to make a mark online. It’s an effective way of showcasing your business alongside bigger and more established brands, which are also likely to be utilising video marketing.


Social and Sharing

Creating shareable content is a key way to reach a wider audience online, and video content is more easily shared and seen in social feeds. Compared to long articles and blogs, video content is more likely to be shared. Think about it, popular networks such as TikTok and YouTube are entirely built on this concept. Even Instagram, which is a largely image based platform, gives preference to video content. If you want to get noticed there, you need to post videos.

As you can see, investing in video marketing is worthwhile for any business, and the Profici team can help. We provide a wide range of digital marketing services, all of which can be tailored to your business’ needs. Get in touch to find out more.