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			What are Schema Tags and How Do They Benefit SEO?

What are Schema Tags and How Do They Benefit SEO?

There is a lot that goes into search engine optimisation, but Schema tags are often forgotten about. This could be because Schema tags can seem confusing at first, or because writing content and creating advertisements is a lot more interesting. It could also be because Schema tags are part of the backend of the website, and so aren’t visible to everyone. However, these tags are a key part of boosting your SEO efforts.

Schema.org – which is often referred to as simply ‘Schema’ – is a series of vocabulary tags, which can be added to the HTML of a website. These tags improve the way a search engine reads the page, and improves how the page is shown in search engine results. By adding Schema tags, you are giving your website the best chance of SEO success.

What are Schema Tags?

Schema.org has been created by Google, Bing, Yandex and Yahoo! as a way for websites to easily provide search engines with the information they need to understand everything on a page. This will help them to give the best search results to a user, and it ensures that informative snippets are included under each result.

Schema tags can be added to your website’s HTML code, as a way to improve how search engines read the content. This then changes how your website is represented in search engine results, which could encourage someone to click on your website. For example, someone is more likely to click on a search result if an impressive product rating is displayed.

How Do Schema Tags Benefit SEO?

Schema tags are hugely beneficial to SEO, and they can make a big difference to how likely someone is to click on your website. They enable star reviews, product information, organisation information and FAQs to be displayed in search results. This helps to generate traffic to the website, boosting SEO.

What Schema Tags Should I Use on the Website?

There are a range of different Schema tags that you can use on your website. These can be created at Schema.org and then added to the HTML of specific web pages. There are Schema tags to display Google reviews, FAQs, products, people and information about the organisation.

How do I Check if a Schema Tag Has Been Deployed Correctly?

You can find out if a Schema tag has been deployed correctly by visiting this website. It will let you know if your page supports rich results, which are those that go beyond the standard blue link that search engine results show.

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