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			Top 10 marketing tips for law firms

Top 10 marketing tips for law firms

Irrespective of whether you are a full-service firm with national reach or a sole practitioner, it is necessary that you try to be more visible and appealing to clients and establish that you deliver better services than your competitors. In the same vein, here are a few marketing tips for law firms:

1. Specialise in a particular area of law

Being a jack of all trades but a master of none can be costly for your firm. Therefore, it is best to establish yourself as a thought leader in one area and promote that expertise.

2. Don’t forget your existing clients

While targeting new clients, do not forget to cater to the needs of your existing clients. Try to be more than just their lawyer. If you want to generate more instructions, try to position yourself as an indispensable business advisor for your clients.

3. Create an effective law firm website

If you want to succeed, then an effective website is essential. Develop a website that would become your best salesperson. Your site should clearly state your niche and specialty.

4. Use content to build your credibility

Work on your web presence because your web presence will work for you. Relevant and unique content will help you engage with potential instructing agents as well as current clients.

5. Don’t be afraid to provide free information

For example, write a guide on your area of expertise and publish it on your website and make it available to all your LinkedIn connections. This will help you establish a position of thought leadership.

6. Build Social Media Presence

Social media presence has immense power and is an important tool that helps grow your law firm in the following ways:

  • Thought leadership and brand awareness
  • Networking with thought leaders
  • Increasing website visits with warm leads
  • Improved search engine rankings for your website

7. Establish trust through reviews

Just the way reviews are available for products, hotels, restaurants, and other services, why not establish the same for legal services, which are increasingly sought online?

8. Where to start with your law firm marketing?

Updating your website, cleansing your client contact databases, organising events, building a presence on social media sites… a law firm marketer’s day is always full of endless tasks. It is important to know what you are trying to achieve through the marketing activities that you partake in. Make sure to establish KPIs and then work back from there.

9. If it’s not measurable, don’t do it

Online marketing is transparent, immediate, and trackable. For example, each month, online marketers know how many new enquiries their website has generated, the conversion rate, cost per enquiry etc. The same can’t be said for traditional offline marketing activities. Therefore, if it’s not measurable, don’t do it.

10. Hire marketing professionals (preferably with niche legal expertise) if necessary

Marketing professionals who understand the challenges that are presently faced by the legal sector can help you better market your company. They are also more aware of how to promote your firm without trial and error.

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