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			The Profici Monthly Roundup for August

The Profici Monthly Roundup for August

Profici News, August 2021: In this month’s Profici monthly roundup we look back on everything from welcoming our new Social Media Manger, Esh, to embarking on an afternoon of paddle boarding with the guys at Contact Sport, to concluding filming on our new video for the launch of the Profici franchise.

We love looking back over the previous month’s achievements as it’s good to see the hard work the team have put in.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Profici Welcomes Our New Social Media Manager, Esh

Overview: In early August, we welcomed Esh Toona to Profici team. Esh joins us as our new Social Media Manager and brings a wealth of experience to an already talented team of individuals.

“It’s been amazing meeting everyone properly; I’ve been amazed at how welcoming and helpful everyone has been,” said Esh, before continuing: “It was clear during my interview that I would be joining Profici at an exciting time in its development, and this has been exemplified in my first few weeks here.”

Esh has already hit the ground running and we are extremely happy to have snapped her up early in our journey.


Jack, Ross and Mike Go Paddle Boarding With Contact Sport

Overview: Recently, Jack, Ross and Mike represented Profici at a networking event hosted by Rosie Kenyon and the team at Contact Sport.

Designed to help businesses grow with an aim to making connections, improving team wellbeing and having fun, Contact Sport combines sports and activities with networking. Indeed, the guys not only represented the agency impeccably whilst making a whole host of fruitful connections, but they also thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Everyone is really looking forward to the next event which includes everything from rock climbing to running, even Ross who, unfortunately, was the first to go for an unwanted dip in the Albert Dock.


Filming Completed for Our Franchise Launch Video

Overview: And that’s a wrap!

Despite the 4am finishes, 6:30am starts and countless retakes, doe overs and outtakes, this month we concluded the filming on our epic franchise launch video. Not wanting to give too much away, but the video, directed by the amazing Paul Furlong, already looks incredible and encapsulates exactly what we want to achieve with the franchise.

Keep your eyes peeled in October when we’re set not only to launch the Profici Franchise, but also premiere the film.


Profici Monthly Roundup – August, 2021

We hope you enjoyed our monthly Profici roundup for August.

This month, we also welcomed onboard a bunch of new clients including the renowned Charlie, ‘The Wine,’ Womersley and the incredible Skin Survival; celebrated World Photo Day by highlighting some of our most famous work and headed down to the Albert Dock for our very own photoshoot.

Indeed, if you’re looking for a number of marketing services, then look no further than Profici. We specialise in helping businesses grow and generate more leads through the power of digital marketing.

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