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			The Benefits Of Shopify Websites

The Benefits Of Shopify Websites

Shopify is an ecommerce platform that allows businesses to sell online via a professional website. With a Shopify website, a business has an online presence that will help them to grow their business and reach a wider target market. Though there are a number of ecommerce platforms to choose from, Shopify continues to be one of the most popular. This is because Shopify provides a simple way for anyone to sell their products online.

Easy to Use

There are a handful of ecommerce platforms to choose from, but Shopify is certainly one of the easiest to use. You can quickly build and launch an online shop front, without having to worry about complex coding or unexpected delays.

Extensive Range of Plugins and Themes

Shopify offers a whole host of plugins and themes, allowing you to customise your website in a number of ways. Not only can you choose a website design theme that works for your business and branding, but you can also integrate a range of other plugins and tools. This allows you to create a Shopify website that is truly unique to your business.

Mobile Friendly and Responsive

Whether you are travelling to work or hanging out at home, being able to view a website from a mobile device is vital. This doesn’t mean being able to use the website on a handful of popular smartphones, it means being able to use the website on any device. Shopify websites are responsive, meaning they change to perfectly fit the device, regardless of screen size and type.

SEO Friendly

SEO is hugely important to any online business, and achieving search engine optimisation success online isn’t easy. Not only do you need an expertly created SEO strategy, but you need a website that is SEO friendly. Luckily, this is something that Shopify offers. You can set up a Shopify website, knowing that it will work with your SEO efforts.

Good Customer Support

Though Shopify is easy to use, you might have a question every once in a while. Perhaps you run into some trouble on your website or something isn’t quite working in the way you would like it. When this happens, you can rely on Shopify’s customer support. There is always someone there to help you navigate the platform.

Real-time In-Built Reporting

Shopify websites provide real-time, in-built reporting and this gives you an important insight into what’s happening behind the scenes. Using the reports, you can make informed decisions about how your website is working and the success of your marketing campaigns. They can also help you to improve your sales strategy.

Fast Page Loading Speed

A website with a fast page loading speed will result in a better user experience, and that’s exactly why Shopify websites offer. This helps to improve SEO and create an all round more impressive online presence for your business. Not only does this reflect well on your business as a whole, but it could even increase page views and reduce your bounce rate.

Employing a Shopify Expert

Building customised Shopify websites can prove to be complex and time consuming, so as a busy business owner, you might wish to employ Shopify Expert like Profici to create a site that is bespoke to you. We can create a bespoke store design to give your brand a truly unique feel, utiise the advance ecommerce features not offered in the standalone Shopify platform, advise on additional features and third-party apps, and ultimately free up more of your time so you can focus on doing the things you are really good at. Get in touch with our talented team or give us a call on 0151 319 8550 to find out more.