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			How to Market Your Business at Christmas

How to Market Your Business at Christmas

The Christmas season represents love, generosity and kindness. But to marketeers, there is always an emphasis on understanding how these festive feelings translate to consumers. Indeed, customers are in a buying mood at Christmas – and every brand needs to cut through the noise.

A business’ winning formula during the yuletide season is underpinned by their ability to stand out.

Here are three principles that form the basis of a successful Christmas campaign.

Appeal to Festive Feelings

Christmas is a happy time of year.

People feel more uplifted and excited in the lead up to Christmas, which is no surprise. Although it seems obvious, people are more inclined to buy more when they are happy. It also seems obvious that businesses need to position their campaigns as Christmassy to capitalise on customer sentiment.

Be it cheery nostalgia or a modern take on traditional Christmas tropes, your campaign needs to encourage your customers to think of the festive season while engaging with your business, and vice versa.

This cosy, warm association with whatever it is you’re trying to market, increases the proclivity for customers to buy from you.

Customise Your Christmas Message

As human beings, we place greater value on personalised things. The personal relevance appeals to our egos. That said, that doesn’t mean you have to personalise every message and appeal to everyone.

Enabling customers to relate to your business and employees increases their emotional response to what you do and solidifies their sense of self in the process.

People are spoilt for choice at Christmas, that’s why it’s important to appeal to a customer’s egos and sense of self in order to become relevant to them.

Furthermore, by personalising your message you give your customers a valid reason to share and shout about you and your business.

Build Anticipation with a Lead-in Period

Like an advent calendar, a lead-in period builds anticipation in the run up to Christmas.

It’s said that both pleasure and fear lie in anticipation, that’s why we are subconsciously drawn to whatever is hyping up those emotions. So, what you want to do, is to make your business that source of anticipation. Whether it’s a competition, website launch or the release of a new product, as a business, you must garner excitement about the unknown.

Essentially, getting customers to pay any attention to you is half the battle. A lead-in period does just that!

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