Why Should Businesses Use LinkedIn to Generate Leads

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    Did you know that LinkedIn has 562 million members? Impressive, but it’s in fact far less than the more well-known social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

    So, with social media users on average spending less time on LinkedIn, why should you use it to generate business?

    Here’s 4 perfectly good reasons why

    1. Specifically Business to Business (B2B)

    why businesses fail

    There are hundreds of social media platforms, but not all target businesses, business owners and business people specifically.

    LinkedIn is for all things business, with 70% of professionals describing it as a trustworthy source of content. It reaches more businesses than people, including the most important and influential individuals at a respective company.

    If you want to directly target a certain demographic and cut through the noise, then LinkedIn is the perfect place to do so.

    2. High % of Decision Makers are on LinkedIn

    LinkedIn may have a relatively small number of users compared to the likes of Facebook, but who are these users exactly?

    An incredible 43% of LinkedIn’s members are in decision-making positions, which is exactly what you want when trying to target a business. In the UK there are over 23.5 million members, that’s over half the working population, meaning you can reach 10 million decision makers just on LinkedIn alone.

    3.  Use Filters to Aid Mass Targeting

    why businesses fail

    At times, LinkedIn can be a numbers game.

    That’s where LinkedIn’s search filters come in (and knowing how to use them correctly). Not only do they enable you to target decision makers by job title, location, industry, etc, but you can also group them in the search results, targeting people who share common connections with.

    This way you can find your target prospects on mass and create a target list of people to reach out to.

    4.  Build Connections with Likeminded People

    At Profici, our lead generation experts like, comment and engage with your network, making you more visible. We can deliver you more leads by engaging in meaningful discussions with your prospects and peers, commenting, liking and sharing relevant posts so, when the time comes, you are the first person your network thinks of.

    Indeed, there are over 200 conversations per minute on LinkedIn, whilst there are 2,100,000 groups.

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