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			Why Law Firms Need to Market Themselves Now More Than Ever

Why Law Firms Need to Market Themselves Now More Than Ever

The internet and social media have completely revolutionised how we react to and receive information, making any business now marketable.

As we find ourselves in the midst of a digital revolution, law firms must now not only compete for leads online, but also engage with prospects at every point in their journey in order to land them.

Here are just some of the questions you must ask yourself if you want to generate more leads and improve your marketing output.


How Good is My Website?

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70% of law firms generate new cases through their website, while shockingly, 40% of legal firms don’t even have a website whatsoever.

Always remember; your website is your number one marketing tool. Be it a positive user experience, valuable and informative content or a slick looking design, your website is like a digital shopfront touting for business.

Don’t think because you provide a time-old service that you don’t need a website that stands out from the crowd.


Is My Video Content Good Enough?

Videos make up a whopping 82% of internet content, while an engaging banner video on your website is said to increase your conversion rate by 80%.

For this reason, video content should play an integral part in your legal marketing strategy.

The stats continue to amaze; 4x as many consumers prefer watching a video about a service than reading about it. Furthermore, 64% of people are more likely to invest in a service after watching a video.

Given these statistics, it makes complete sense to invest in video and integrate it with your marketing strategy.


Do I Maximise My LinkedIn Output?

The answer is probably not?

A comprehensive LinkedIn lead generation strategy, of which Profici are industry leaders in, builds credibility, gleans insider expertise and creates a meaningful network of potential clients.

6-in-10 users actively look for industry insights on LinkedIn, while there are 200 conversations per minute on the platform. What this shows is that there is a market out there just waiting to be accessed.

Don’t believe us?

89% of our lead generation clients said that our strategy was vital in developing their business and generating identifiable leads.


We Help Law Firms Thrive

At Profici, we can help ambitious law firms thrive!

If you’re looking to improve your marketing output in 2021, then you’d be best not to overlook us at Profici. We specialise in helping law firms and managing directors maintain a healthy work-life balance, generate new leads and maximise turnover through the power of digital marketing.

For more details on how we could help you spend more time with your friends and family and grow your business simultaneously, email us at info@profici.co.uk

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