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			How to Improve Your Brand Identity

How to Improve Your Brand Identity

There are a lot of brands out there, and brand identity is what helps one brand stand out from another. When your business has a strong brand identity, it’s more likely to be recognised and remembered by your target market, and it’s less likely to be confused with someone else. A lot of small business owners make the mistake of assuming that only large and established businesses need branding, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you want your startup or SME to stand out and make a statement, improving your brand identity is key.

What is Brand Identity?

Brand identity is made up of visible elements such as the colours you use in marketing, the designs and the logo. These elements work together to create branding that easily identifies and distinguishes your business to potential consumers. Branding can have a big impact on a business’ relationship with existing and future customers. When a business is easy to remember and recognise, leads are a lot more likely. When branding is poor or ineffective, consumers are likely to take their business elsewhere.

Design a Brand Logo

Designing a logo is a vital part of creating a brand identity, as this is often the first thing people see of your business. An effective brand logo can help to grab peoples’ attention and attract the interest of consumers, taking their attention away from your competitors. With a brand logo, you can embody the personality of the brand and convey a key message. For example, a logo can show that you are a corporate and authoritative business, or it could showcase you as being lighthearted and fun.

Develop a Social Media Presence

Improving your brand identity relies heavily on building a relationship with consumers, which is where social media marketing comes in. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are just three of the main social media platforms, all of which give you the opportunity to interact with others. Communicating via organic posts and tweets can increase brand awareness and create relationships with others, many of whom could go on to become loyal customers.

Create Effective Marketing Print

Though a lot of digital marketing is done online, improving your brand identity also means creating effective marketing print offline. You can expand the personality of your brand through various forms of printed media such as leaflets, business cards and product packaging. It’s a great way to ‘spread the word’ about your business, products and services.

Capture Your Brand Imagery

It’s important for consumers to see what you are offering, which is why product photography is an important part of developing a strong brand identity. It’s a way of capturing who you are and what you do in a visual way, by showcasing your products. Effective product photography can be shared on your website, on social media and as part of email marketing campaigns.

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