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			How to Be a Good Leader in Business

How to Be a Good Leader in Business

There are a lot of qualities needed to be a leader; you need to be good at making decisions, an excellent communicator and you need to motivate others. However, it’s not enough to simply possess these qualities, you need to go one step further. In this blog, we take a look at how to be a good leader in business.

Lead by Example

It’s not always easy to lead a team of individuals, but leading by example can make a big difference to how successful you are as a leader in business. Be a role model for your team by fostering respect and integrity, and don’t do anything that you wouldn’t be happy with someone else doing. Show your team who’s boss, whilst remaining approachable. There is a fine line between being a leader that people fear and avoid, and being a leader that people respect and enjoy working with. Being a good leader in business is about finding the balance between the two.

Encourage Openness

You should encourage openness as a leader in business and motivate others to work as a team. Communication and collaboration are vital to business development, and everyone should feel confident about sharing ideas and visions with others. There’s a lot of innovation happening in business at the moment, and openness gives everyone the confidence to bounce their ideas off one another.

Make Your Team Feel Valued

As a leader, you need to make sure that your team feels valued and appreciated in the workplace. Demoralised staff tend to be less productive at work and they are more likely to jump ship, which can have a negative impact on your business as a whole. To ensure that your employees are working hard and are happy at work, you need to make sure that they know how valued they are. This helps to create a hard working , positive and productive workplace, at the same time as boosting staff retention.

Take on Feedback

A lot of leaders make the mistake of thinking that they know best and, though this might sometimes be the case, you need to be able to take on feedback. Don’t confuse rigidity for leadership, and recognise when you can and should change your approach. Though working in a certain way might have worked so far, things are always changing in business, and a good leader should be able to change accordingly.

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