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			How Retailers Can Benefit From Digital Marketing Services

How Retailers Can Benefit From Digital Marketing Services

As an online retailer, it’s not enough to build a website and hope for the best, nor is it enough to post on Instagram and wait for sales to come flooding in. If you want to achieve success online, you need to take advantage of digital marketing services for retailers.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Retailers

Without a digital marketing strategy, it’s very hard for retailers to stand out and make a statement online. Here are some of the key digital marketing services for retailers, all of which can be used in a digital marketing strategy.


There is no denying that online shopping is the future of retail, which is why having a website is key. A website is crucial for retailers, as it provides a number of benefits that can help you grow and succeed in today’s digital world. For example, a website allows your business to be available to customers around the clock, regardless of their physical location or time zone. This means that customers can shop and make purchases at any time, which can increase sales and revenue.

It’s also easier to reach a much wider audience with a website, compared to a traditional brick and mortar shop. By having an online presence, you can attract customers from anywhere in the world, rather than being limited to a specific location. A website is an important tool for building brand awareness, showcasing products, attracting customers and collecting valuable customer data, such as contact information.

Social Media

Similarly to having a website, social media allows retailers to reach a much wider audience, and it’s a fantastic way of building brand awareness. You can use social media to share information about your brand, products, and services, and to create engaging content that resonates with your online audience. Social media gives you the opportunity to engage with customers in real time. This can be done by responding to comments, replying to messages and creating a sense of community.


Social media can be an effective way to drive traffic to your website. By sharing links to your website on social media, you can attract more visitors and potentially increase sales. It’s also a good way to promote products and services, offer discounts and promotions, and drive sales. One of the downsides of social media marketing is that it needs to be done regularly and consistently, which can be time consuming if you don’t have a dedicated marketing team.


Search engine optimisation (SEO) refers to optimising a website to increase its visibility online and rankings on search engine results. With SEO, it’s a lot easier for a website to be found online, especially when someone is searching for the specific product or service that you provide. Higher visibility on search engines can lead to increased traffic to your website as consumers are more likely to click on websites that appear at the top of search engine results pages.

SEO also involves optimising a website’s structure, content, and navigation to improve the user experience. This can lead to higher engagement rates and lower bounce rates, which is likely to put you ahead of your competitors. Plus, users who find a retailer’s website through organic search results are often more likely to make a purchase. Unfortunately, SEO is the aspect of digital marketing that requires the most work to be successful. Climbing the search engine rankings doesn’t happen overnight. 


Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a form of online marketing where you pay each time a user clicks on one of your ads. You can set a budget for your ads and only pay when a user clicks on them, giving you greater control over advertising spend. It also ensures that you are only paying for results, and not for an advertisement that no one has seen. PPC also allows you to target your ads to specific demographics, locations, and search terms. This means that it’s possible to reach your ideal customers with relevant ads, which increases the likelihood of conversions.

One of the main benefits of PPC is that it provides instant visibility for your business, as PPC ads appear at the top of search engine results and other websites as soon as they are launched. You can also use the data gathered from a PPC campaign to see which ads are driving the most clicks and conversions. 


A lot of people underestimate email marketing, even though it can be a powerful tool for retailers when done correctly. It provides a direct line of communication to customers and gives you the opportunity to drive traffic, engagement and sales. You can send targeted and personalised messages and offer promotions, products and deals that are relevant to each individual customer. Email marketing is also a highly engaging form of communication, meaning that you can use email marketing to keep customers engaged with your brand and increase the likelihood of repeat purchases.

A lot of data can be gathered from email marketing including open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. This means that you can optimise your email campaigns and make decisions to improve their results based on data and knowing customer behaviour.


Content marketing involves creating and sharing valuable, relevant and interesting content to your target audience. It has a number of benefits – such as engaging consumers and showcasing your knowledge, authority and trustworthiness – but the main reason for content marketing is to improve SEO. High quality content is a key factor in improving SEO and you can increase their visibility on search engines and drive more organic traffic to your website by sharing content that is optimised with keywords.

Content marketing can drive engagement with customers by providing valuable information that addresses their questions, problems and needs. This can encourage them to stay on the website for longer periods of time and increase the likelihood of repeat visits and purchases.

At Profici, we provide a wide range of digital marketing services, all of which are ideal for retailers. Our digital marketing services for retailers are tailored to your business’ individual needs, and we work alongside you to ensure that every box is being ticked. Whether you sell a product or service, and regardless of the type of retailer that you are, our digital marketing services are sure to give you a much needed boost online. Get in touch with Profici today to find out more.