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			Do Case Studies Belong in a Content Marketing Strategy?

Do Case Studies Belong in a Content Marketing Strategy?

When most people think about content marketing, they think about writing blogs and filming videos. They think about uploading creative content for potential clients to see, and at times linking it to SEO. However, content marketing goes much further than this, and it’s not all about boosting search engine rankings and using relevant keywords. In this blog, we take a look at the importance of case studies, and why they should be a part of your content marketing strategy.

What are Case Studies and Do We Need Them?

As a business, you are sure to have a lot of competitors offering similar services, so it’s important to stand out as being a team worth considering. It’s not enough to simply claim that you are skilled and experienced in your niche, as potential clients are likely to see this as being somewhat biased. By providing case studies, you can ‘prove’ how your hard work directly impacted another client. It’s an invaluable way of showing how you have helped real customers, similar to those reading the case studies, rather than just making empty promises. Case studies can highlight how you solved a problem, found a solution and made a difference.

Building Case Studies Into Your Content Marketing Strategy

When you are building case studies into your content marketing strategy, it’s important to identify the most relevant cases, and highlight these. These are the ones that potential clients are most likely to be interested in – as they are most likely to be an accurate reflection of your current capabilities, rather than work that was completed many years ago. Tell a relatable and understandable story of how you solved a problem, and use visuals and quotes to really showcase what you are capable of. You can promote and measure the reach of each case study to determine the impact it’s having on your content marketing efforts. If a case study isn’t performing in the way that you hoped, you can make changes and give it a boost.

What Else to Consider

There are a lot of aspects to content marketing, and it’s important to utilise a wide range of content to vary your strategy. Blog articles and infographics are two of the most effective elements of content marketing, but that doesn’t mean that others should be overlooked. Portfolios, testimonials and reviews are also valuable forms of content marketing, and they demonstrate real work that you have done.

At Profici, we understand the importance of content, and the key part it plays in a digital marketing strategy. That is why we provide professional content creation services. Regardless of who you are and what you do, our experts can create a content marketing strategy that works for you. Get in touch to find out more.