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			5 Fresh PR Ideas If You’re Tired of Knocking on Closed Doors

5 Fresh PR Ideas If You’re Tired of Knocking on Closed Doors

If you’re seeking to get exposure for your startup or personal brand, here are a few tips that will help you. Some of these tips will help you gain attention without going through an editor or journalist first, while other tips focus on helping you catch editors’ attention. The basic idea is for you to be able to get the attention that you and your company not only desire but need.

1. Apply to be featured on a “best of” list.

If you wish to promote podcasts, retreats, and books, then apply to be featured in a known publication’s “Best of” list. Several independent sites have their own lists, whereas others have annual nominations and are waiting for your submission. Being featured on such a list attracts a very different kind of audience.

2. Offer your physical products to gift guides.

Physical products can easily be pitched on special occasions and holidays such as the New Year, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Valentine’s Day etc. Media outlets usually hunt for new gift guide ideas two to three months before these holidays and special occasions.

3. Conduct a study among your customers

Journalists value data. Conducting a survey of a specific segment regarding a particular issue is what journalists would find as valuable as getting a glimpse of what is newly trending. Do remember to ask respondents questions about their demographics so that it is easier to identify trends and draw conclusions from the results.

4. Share a solid business case

If you want to gain publicity through business media publications, how-to articles and case studies are the way to go.

A good study shows the impact you managed to have on one specific key performance indicator (KPI) in your business. The best case studies focus on fundamental KPIs such as customer retention, revenue and profits.

5. Become a guest contributor

In order to be featured in the media, you no longer need to go through journalists because a lot of publications now value information that is directly sourced from an industry insider.
Your first submission(s) may not get accepted by a contributor, so don’t rush it. Read contributor guidelines carefully- they may require you to furnish a portfolio as well.
Writing for your own blog is beneficial as well. However, it is strongly recommended to write somewhere where you will receive editorial feedback.

All in all, the point that is trying to be made here is that even when all doors seem to be closed, you can find a way to get your message across to the public and advertise and publicise your product(s) and services.

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