Anthony - Profici


Anthony is Managing Director and a growth acceleration expert who works with a wealth of CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs to help grow their brands through the power of strategising, consultancy and digital marketing. With this, Anthony runs an agency that focuses on providing the upmost support for busines leaders who want to succeed and prosper.


Indeed, Anthony thrives on helping other businesses grow and reach their potential, empowering other likeminded individuals to realise their ambitions. Be it by marketing their business, or providing them with expert consultancy and coaching, not only does Anthony measure success quantitively, but he also measures success by how many entrepreneurs he has empowered and helped whilst watching their businesses grow because of his support.


This is exemplified by how he grew a £300k business to an £8m multi-national corporation in just 4 years. Anthony did this by empowering his partners, guiding the business through new and prosperous ventures, leading by example, and connecting with other likeminded individuals and companies. It is this aptitude for leadership and business expansion that has seen him have a hand in growing some of the country’s most successful businesses.