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The top line objective for the campaign was and is to generate inbound enquiries that originate, terminate or are influenced by organic search as an additional channel within the overall marketing mix, paid campaigns in search and social were ongoing however DMR was leaving opportunities on the table as they did not rank organically for any non-brand related search terms. We set out to increase visibility and traffic within search engines, in particular, the Google organic index for target keywords in the luxury watch and high-end jewellery market.




  • Year-on-year Organic Traffic Up by 27%
  • Number of Top 10 Keyword Rankings Up by 77%
  • Gained top 10 ranking for a keyword that receives 250k searches per month
  • Monthly goal completions up by 35%
  • Position 1 rankings for the following keywords:
  • Pearl and Diamond Earrings (1,000 searches per month)
  • Diamond Stacking Rings (590 searches per month)
  • Marquise Cut Diamond Ring (260 searches per month)
  • Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring (40 searches per month)


“Since we’ve started working with Profici, we have seen our organic search rankings and traffic increase for our key business areas. Profici has effectively communicated and implemented their strategy and have felt like our extended digital marketing department.” – Jamie McFadden, Press and Content Manager at David M Robinson.