The Profici Podcast with Special Guest Craig Brown - Profici

The Profici Podcast with Special Guest Craig Brown

💥 “I think to get anywhere successfully in life, you have to let a bit of an animal out!” 💥

In this captivating episode of The Profici Podcast, Anthony O’Brien chats with Craig Brown, the passionate founder and owner of Rage Fitness Wellbeing Group.

Craig’s journey is driven by a deep desire to help others, whether as a Royal Marine Commando or since moving into the fitness industry in 2011. Starting with just a skipping rope and a pair of dumbbells, Rage Fitness now supports over thirty thousand people a year in improving their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing across the North West.

With an ambitious goal of opening five facilities by 2025, Craig’s story is a testament to dedication and community spirit. Don’t miss this inspiring conversation!

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