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			How to Generate Leads Via Social Media

How to Generate Leads Via Social Media

There are a number of ways to generate leads via social media, such as directing users from a social media platform to your website, and tracking the full user journey from beginning to end. However, this doesn’t happen on its own, and understanding how to effectively generate leads is key to your success.

What is the Best Social Media Platform for Lead Generation?

When it comes to social media platforms, there isn’t one that is better than the others for lead generation. They all have their own merits; some work best for certain industries, whereas others work best for a specific demographic. For example, Instagram works well for younger generations, such as Millenials and Gen Z users, where LinkedIn is largely used by professionals, businesses and those in the corporate world. The best social media platform for lead generation for one business, might not be the best one for you.

Research Your Audience

Don’t underestimate the importance of researching your audience, as this will ensure that you’re investing your time and effort into the right platforms. All social media platforms are different, and some work well for certain demographics, and others work well for other demographics. Successfully generating leads requires you to focus your attention on the platforms your target audience interacts with most.

Improve Your Profiles

You will struggle to generate leads via social media if you do not improve your profiles. This means optimising your social media profiles with clicks and conversions in mind. Ensure that you have a ‘shop now’ or ‘get in touch’ button available, as well as links to your website and a strong marketing message.

Include Links in Posts

It’s always a good idea to include links in your social media posts. If your social media ads and content don’t feature clickable links, then you are unlikely to attract visitors to your website. It’s unlikely that someone will go to the effort of finding a link to your website themselves, and they could just see the post and continue scrolling. This isn’t always possible as some posts, such as organic Instagram posts, don’t allow clickable links. However, you should include links with strong calls to action wherever possible

Landing Pages

It’s not enough to include links to random website pages in your social media posts, you need to link to high quality landing pages. This will help to convert website traffic into a lead, rather than sending people to the website, only to have them click elsewhere after a minute or two. Landing pages are created with lead generation in mind, and they are created in a way that encourages someone to explore the website and make a purchase.


One of the key parts of generating leads via social media, and yet one of the elements a lot of people overlook, is tracking. You need to track the full user journey using Google Analytics, UTMs and the advertising managers of the various social media channels that you are using. By tracking the user journey, you will see what content is performing well, and what content needs improving.

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