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			5 Marketing Trends For 2023

5 Marketing Trends For 2023

Change in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is changing, it’s moving from universal analytics to GA4. This means that the way marketing reports are given for various campaigns will change also. You need to stay up to date and aware of Google Analytic changes to ensure that you are making the most of your business’ marketing strategy.

Customer Service via Social Media

More people are using social media to contact brands for customer support, as it’s a quick and convenient way to communicate with a business. Instead of telephoning a customer support team, a lot of people are choosing to send a DM on Facebook or Instagram. Providing customer service via social media is something that a lot more businesses will be doing in 2023.

Social Responsibility

There has been a growing interest in social responsibility in recent years, and 2023 is the year when a lot of brands will join the movement. They will promote social responsibility further on social media, hoping to stand out as being a brand that goes above and beyond what others are doing to help with cultural, economic, social and environmental issues.

Live Chat Will Continue to Grow

A lot of businesses are already using live chat and chatbots to engage website visitors, but this is likely to increase even further in 2023. Live chat is an effective way to communicate and engage with website visitors; chatbots can answer questions, direct visitors to a specific page or find information for them.

More Influencer Marketing

We are expecting to see more influencer marketing in 2023, as more brands are beginning to realise the impact influencers can have. Using influencers allows you to market a product or service in a unique, engaging and memorable way. It’s a way of building trust in your brand, increasing awareness and reaching a wide target audience.

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As you can see, there are a lot of marketing trends to be aware of. The world of marketing is always changing, and this is especially apparent online. There is always a new algorithm to familiarise yourself with, a new search engine optimisation technique to try and a new way to handle social media. This can become overwhelming and it’s certainly time consuming, which is why a lot of businesses hand everything over to the professionals. Get in touch with Profici today to find out more about how we can boost your business using a variety of digital marketing techniques.