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			3 Traits of a Successful Marketing Leader

3 Traits of a Successful Marketing Leader

According to a recent study conducted by St. Joseph’s University, a sign of a good leader is their ability to keep a group positive and dynamic. Strong leaders must learn to identify issues, evaluate situations and keep both individual and group emotions in check.

There are several things that constantly top the list when it comes to leading a successful marketing agency.

Here are 3 traits of a good marketing leader you can implement easily with no fuss.

1. Customer Focused

The primary role of any marketing agency is to champion the voice of the customer and grow their business accordingly. A successful leader must be adept at managing customer expectations and communicating how the agency adds value to their business.

Marketing leaders can no longer point to brand awareness and claim success, they need to show how their marketing output has positively impacted the business and their revenue stream. And, they do this by being more customer-centric and client-focused in their approach.

2. Adaptable and Flexible

What the recent pandemic has shown us is that, as not only customers, but also the world changes, advertising must change too. From generational and demographic tends to real life impressions, adaptation must be more than a buzzword and instead something to embody.

Smart adaptability designates time for experimentation and learning in new areas and thus, if a new opportunity or unexpected development occurs, you and your leadership team can adapt safe in the knowledge that you’re flexible enough to flourish.

3. Expert Team Builder

A good leader is the first to admit that they don’t know everything. That’s why it’s important to build a team of experts within their chosen field and, even more importantly, you should trust them to their job without you micro-managing them.

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A leader can build the best team in the world, but if they don’t let them do their job and instead manage and oversee them constantly, they become useless and are then guaranteed to produce a poor product.

But what makes a good team member?

  • Highly Competent
  • Action Oriented
  • Customer Centric

Indeed, the marketing world never stops; there are always new channels, more opportunities and novel brands than anyone can keep track of. Teamwork, action, competency and leadership are key.

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