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			Why Use Facebook Ads for Lead Generation

Why Use Facebook Ads for Lead Generation

There are a lot of ways to generate leads as a business including blogging, lead generation websites, networking, newsletters, eBooks and social media. Social media has the benefit of having multiple platforms to choose from, but Facebook is certainly the most popular. This is largely because Facebook is popular, and it’s used by people of all ages and demographics. Regardless of your business type or industry, your target audience can be found on Facebook.

This is where Facebook ads come in. Facebook ads can be used for lead generation, and below we have listed the reasons why it’s a digital marketing avenue worth pursuing.

Wide Reach

A lot of people use Facebook for work and personal use – and some even use it for both – meaning that it’s a social media platform with an extremely wide reach. Facebook spans generations, and it’s used by millions of people around the world. Whether you are focusing on B2C or B2B marketing, you can use Facebook ads for lead generation, knowing that your target audience is likely to see it. When it comes to targeting a large amount of people, Facebook is the perfect platform.

Lower Drop Off

With so much going on online, keeping users’ interest long enough to fill out a form can be hugely challenging. It doesn’t take much for their attention to drift elsewhere, potentially onto another Facebook ad. This often leads to a lot of people giving up halfway through or seeing the form and diverting their attention elsewhere. To make things easier, Facebook pre-fills a lot of details for the user, making the entire process quicker. It also doesn’t require users to head out of the app to give their details, which streamlines things even further.

Dynamic Ads

Ads on Facebook can be customised in a variety of ways, all with users’ interests in mind. Images, text and video can be added to grab their attention. This maximises engagement and makes each ad memorable. These segmentation options are not available on all social media platforms.

CRM Integration

Facebook has excellent CRM integration abilities, and it will send leads directly to the sales platform that you are already using. This makes the lead generation process a lot simpler, and it gives you one less thing to do. There is no need to move leads from Facebook to your sales platform yourself.

At Profici, we provide a range of digital marketing services to businesses large and small. This includes both organic and paid social media marketing, which can have a huge impact on your business’ online presence. It’s an effective way to generate leads and direct people to find out more about your business, products and services. Contact us today to find out more about using Facebook ads for lead generation.