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			What are the Advantages to Social Media Marketing?

What are the Advantages to Social Media Marketing?

A lot of businesses don’t have the time or resources to fully utilise social media marketing, despite it being an effective digital marketing technique with a number of advantages. This is why a lot of businesses outsource their social media management to experts, in order to achieve a variety of marketing goals. Instead of missing out on the benefits of social media marketing, you can hand things over to the Profici team.

Below, we have taken a look at some of the main advantages of social media marketing.

Brand Awareness

Using social media marketing is a fantastic way of boosting brand awareness, which is a key part of being a successful business online. With so many competitor businesses out there, it’s important to stand out and make a statement. When someone thinks about the business, they should be able to instantly recognise who you are and what you do. This can be achieved by being present, obvious and in the limelight on social media. The more someone sees you on social media, the more aware they will be of your brand.

Brand Image

Brand image is how someone perceives your business, and the overall impression they have of your products and services. Social media marketing can help to create a positive brand image, which is what sets one business apart from the rest. Through social media posts and interacting with customers, you can improve the brand’s reputation. If you want people to continually choose your brand, you need them to see it as being a trustworthy and reliable choice.

Customer Relations

As a business, you can build strong relationships with customers using social media marketing. Social media marketing allows a customer to properly engage and interact with a business; they have a chance to talk to a ‘face behind the brand’ and connect on a human level. Not only does this boost customer loyalty, but it can boost revenue and recommendations. A customer is much more likely to choose a company if they trust them, find them credible and have a genuine connection with them.

Website Traffic

A lot of people will stumble across your brand on social media; they might see a post that someone else has shared, or see someone recommending a product. If they like what they see, and they are interested in what you are offering, it’s likely that they will then visit the website. Increased website traffic increases the number of opportunities your business has to make an impression, generating leads and securing a sale. Plus, it can help to search engine rankings.

At Profici, we are on hand to help with social media marketing. We offer a wide range of social media marketing services, all of which are tailored to you and your business. Get in touch with our talented team or give us a call on 0151 319 8550 to find out more.