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			The Profici Monthly Roundup for September

The Profici Monthly Roundup for September

Profici News, September 2021: In this month’s Profici roundup, we look back on everything from  two team visits to both Tiger Rock and Strawberry Fields, to Jack’s latest column in My Planet Liverpool Magazine, to our work with MEDITECH, which celebrated its 30-year anniversary this month.

We love looking back over the previous month’s achievements as it’s good to acknowledge the amazing work the team have put in recently.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Ant and Alex Visit Strawberry Fields

Overview: A few weeks ago, and when the weather was much, much nicer, Ant and Alex went and spent the afternoon with Lesley Theadorus at Strawberry Fields, and they were blown away by not only their premises, but also by what they do.

Lesley and her teams’ ‘Steps to Work’ programme at Strawberry Field has evolved to become ‘Steps at Strawberry Fields,’ which proivdes increased inclusivity and a wider range of accessible training to people from the local community and beyond.

Made up of four individually tailored programmes providing employment services, work experience, and opportunities to volunteer, the new scheme is set to create opportunities for people across the city, while the individual support provided by a dedicated Employment Development Co-ordinator is sure to help so many people make the transition into work.

Alex and Ant were privileged to spend some time having an exclusive tour from Lesley and meeting some of the team.

Profici Design the MEDITECH Conference for the NHS

Overview:  On the 23rd of September, MEDITECH celebrated its 30-year anniversary at the same time as hosting its annual conference.

An enthusing programme of round table discussions, streaming sessions, and live demonstrations, we at Profici were extremely proud of supporting such an important institution – even more so after witnessing first-hand the amazing work the NHS do on a daily basis.

We designed the on-screen graphics for both the Vendor Virtual Room and the Customer Virtual Room, whilst we also provided the digital and downloadable copies of the agenda for the MUN Conference 2021.

We loved wishing MEDITECH a very happy 30-year anniversary!

Team Meal at Tiger Rock

Overview: We closed out September with our monthly team meal, this time at the delicious Tiger Rock. Despite missing the two Mikes, we enjoyed a great lunch with the team. Indeed, if you hav not been to Tiger Roc, we would wholeheartedly recommend it: the food was amazing and so was the service.

That said, for our next visit, we have decided to go in the evening to avoid the mass food coma!

Jack’s Latest Column in My Planet Liverpool Magazine

Overview: Catch us in the superb My Planet Liverpool Magazine next month, as Jack publishes his brand-new column on the content marketing tips to look out for in 2022.

If you are out and about in the city next week, make sure to grab yourself a copy.

Profici Monthly Roundup – September 2021

We hope you enjoyed our monthly Profici roundup for September.

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