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			The Power of Vision

The Power of Vision

Many leaders, influencers and ‘famous people’ talk about the power of vision – but rarely understand what it truly is at the core and the difference it can make in one’s personal and professional life.
Having a vision is simply not seeing or believing – rather, it’s about having the power in your hands to make your vision a living, breathing reality.

How to unleash your own power of vision

Having a vision or “visioning” is a skill anyone – anyone – can develop. But where do we begin? Try this experiment, if you will:

Close your eyes and visualise a video clip rolling in your mind. See yourself under the spotlight, celebrating that moment when have achieve your ultimate goal – be it delivering a difficult speech, mending ties with a loved one, landing your dream job – it could be anything, really. Now mentally rehearse what’s about to come. Make sense?

You’re literally coming up with a script for your success story, so go to town and make it great!

Now, when set out to accomplish something in life, we need to lay down the groundwork for it first: a vision. So, start by developing a vision for the ‘ideal situation’ you’re looking to achieve. Again, could be anything, from getting married to the love of your life to a job you’ve been wanted to land to achieving virtually any milestone you have your eyes set on. Let’s build a list of questions:

  • What kind of environment do I need to be in to achieve this?
  • What kind of people do I need to be around?
  • What actions do I need to take?
  • What experiences do I need to gain?
  • What feelings should I harbour?
  • What role(s) should I be playing?
  • What structures do I need to build in order to make my way towards a successful ‘ending’?
  • What mindset do I need to be in?
  • What results can I expect from the above?

Of course, this list isn’t etched in stone and you can modify it according to your own unique goal, but keep in mind that the more specific and intricate these details are, the more exciting and achievable your vision becomes.

Leaders will often talk about the “3 Ps” when it comes to building a vision:

See your vision in the present tense, always use positive language, and build clear, vivid pictures in your mind. This will help you better understand the power of vision and it’s a great way to supercharge it with energy, emotion and momentum.

Again, the more compelling and specific your vision is, the more it will keep you interested and motivated. The more things get interesting, the more they become compelling, and that keeps you going. Before you know, it starts generating its own energy – you feel pulled in and your desire to stay focused on the end goal only grows with time.

Conclusion: Transcending the power of ordinary

The power of vision can be incredibly strong, even intoxicating. Not many people fully understand how to tap into it, but those who do rarely spend their lives without it. It’s like an urn or perpetual portion for success.

The above ‘approach’ is certainly a good way to help you understand the power of vision and how it can turn your life around.