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			How to Improve the Design of Your Website

How to Improve the Design of Your Website

As a business, it’s important to have a website that works for you. A website should reflect your business, appeal to your target audience and provide a ‘go to’ place for people to connect with you. Whether you are selling products or advertising services, the design of your website can make or break your success online. Eventually, all websites begin to appear dated and old, but there are a number of ways to improve them.

Why Improve the Design of Your Website

Websites should be constantly improved to keep them fresh, to improve performance and to ensure visitors always have a flawless user experience. If your website is lacking in any way, you can take the following steps to improve the design.

New Content

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that website content is a ‘one time’ task, as adding new content can make a huge difference to the success of your website. Freshening up your content – this includes text, images and video – is a good way to improve your website. It ensures that your content is always up to date, informative and accurate. Plus, Google looks favourably on updated content, which will boost your SEO efforts.

Improve Calls to Action

It’s likely that your current website has call to action buttons in a number of places, but it’s a good idea to review these to ensure that they are strong enough. For some businesses, having a formal and corporate call to action works well, but other businesses do better with something lighthearted and witty. Testing different messaging to see how they affect performance is a good way to find the ideal calls to action for your website.

Improve Your Trust Signals and USPs

A lot of people underestimate the importance of trust signals and USPs, both of which help your business to market itself as being a legitimate and trustworthy business. If you don’t have these on your website, add them. If you do have them, freshen them up and update them. Reviews, testimonials and information about your level of service can help you stand out.

Review Competitors

One of the best ways to improve the design of your website is to see what your competitors are doing. Of course, this doesn’t mean copying their design or creating a website that is too similar, but it does mean looking for inspiration. Think about what is (and isn’t!) working for them, and think about how you can stand out as doing something different.

Speak To Our Experts

There is a lot that goes into improving the design of your website, which is why a lot of businesses hand everything over to our experts. At Profici, we have an experienced team of website design and development professionals. We can take your existing design, and transform it into something special. To find out more about any of our digital marketing services, get in touch today.