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			How to Create a Brand Identity

How to Create a Brand Identity

If you know anything about marketing a business, you will probably have heard of the term ‘brand identity’, but how much do you know about what it means? There’s a lot that goes into setting up a business and creating a strong presence online, but there is no denying that creating a brand identity is one of the most important things to do. Though digital marketing is key, you can’t market a business successfully without a recognisable and memorable brand identity to rely on. Below, we have taken a look at brand identity, what it is and why it’s important.

What is Brand Identity?

Brand identity refers to the collection of visual and written elements that a business uses to portray itself. This could mean portraying a specific image, or conveying the business’ personality to its target audience. It is the way a brand presents itself and how it distinguishes itself from competitors. With so many businesses in every industry, standing out is key, and brand identity helps to achieve that. Without a unique brand identity, you run the risk of being confused for another brand, or being overlooked completely.

There are a variety of things that make a strong brand identity, and combining these elements is key. Brand name is one of the most important aspects, which has to be unique, as this is how customers and clients will identify the business or product. The logo is also important, as this is the visual symbol that makes a brand instantly recognisable and memorable. Some businesses have a tagline or slogan, which are ‘short and snappy’ phrases that capture the essence of the brand or its unique selling proposition.

When we say that everything goes into brand identity, we really do mean it. Even the specific colours or colour schemes that are associated with the brand can impact brand identity, which is why businesses should always consistently use the same colours in various marketing materials. It’s also important to choose colours that represent the brand. For example, black and white is often seen as being formal and corporate, whereas bright and bold colours tend to be used by brands that want to make a statement. The choice of fonts and typography are also important, as these represent the brand’s personality and convey its message effectively.

Why is it Important to Have a Strong Brand Identity?

The purpose of a strong brand identity is to create a consistent and cohesive image that resonates with the target audience, builds brand recognition and establishes an emotional connection with the intended market. It helps to differentiate one brand from another, and helps to build brand loyalty and trust. Brands with a strong identity have the potential to create emotional connections with consumers. By effectively conveying the brand’s values, personality, and story, it’s possible to drum up positive emotions and establish a deeper relationship with the audience.

A strong brand identity also facilitates business growth and expansion into new markets. A recognisable and trusted brand can use its identity to introduce new offerings and enter different segments with a higher chance of success. This is because a recogniseable and memorable brand is likely to be trusted by customers old and new. 

How to Create a Brand Identity?

  • Research – When you are creating a brand identity, it’s important to do a lot of research. Research your audience, your competitors and your own offerings. This will help you to determine what works in your industry, and the type of brand identity that should be avoided. The more research you do, the stronger you can make your brand identity.


  • Design Your Brand – One of the most important parts of creating a brand identity is the designing stage. This doesn’t just mean visual designing, it means designing the style and way that you plan to approach your messaging. You need to design a logo, website, messaging, tone of voice and values. All of these things work together to create a brand identity, so you need to dedicate time to ensuring that you get it right.


  • Embody Your Brand Design – Embodying your brand design means aligning the visual elements of your brand with its core values, personality and desired image. You need to create a visual representation of your business that captures the essence of your brand and effectively communicates it to your target audience. Everything about your brand’s personality should be reflected in the design. Whether it’s a bold and energetic personality or a more professional and sophisticated one, the various elements of brand identity should conjure up the desired emotions and characteristics associated with your company.


  • Monitor and Iterate – Even once you have created a brand identity that you are happy with, you need to constantly monitor it. The world of design and branding is always changing, so you need to make sure that your business is keeping up with trends. If an element of your brand identity isn’t working, change it. There is nothing wrong with changing aspects of your brand identity along the way, but avoid changing too much at once.

At Profici, we understand the importance of having a strong business presence, and this all comes down to your brand identity. Regardless of the industry that you work in, brand identity is a vital part of business success. There are a lot of things that go into building a brand identity, but our talented team can guide you through the process. Whether you are launching a brand new business or your existing business is having a rebrand, we are on hand to help. Contact us today to find out more.