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			How Does Facebook Advertising Work?

How Does Facebook Advertising Work?

It is important to learn how Facebook advertising works if you want to run a successful Facebook advertising campaign. When making a Facebook ad, five factors need to be kept in mind:

  • Targeting. As per marketing experts, Facebook Ads are just a tool used to create interest and eventually cause an increase in demand. However, given that most users do not browse Facebook like they browse Amazon, it is essential for you to know the audience of your Facebook Ad. Therefore, you need to identify your target market based on demographics such as gender, age, preferences, etc.
  • Placement. Besides Facebook’s news feed, you should also consider Marketplace, Audience Network, and Messenger Inbox.
  • Bidding. Facebook runs a real-time digital auction for people who want to place their ads. The point to note is that Facebook auctions evaluate an ad based on its intrinsic and competitive value. So, despite having placed a bid on the placement, Facebook’s algorithm will decide if your ad is more relevant than your competitors. The bottom line is that you need to customize your ads according to your target audience.
  • Budget. Your budget is the amount of money you afford to and are willing to spend on your Facebook ad campaign.
  • Ads Schedule. Always select relevant images on your ads and avoid depending on stock photos. Instead, employ a graphic designer to create a catchy marketing ad that will capture the attention of your target audience.

How to Run a Successful Facebook Advertising Campaign

Having answered the question “How does Facebook advertising work?” let us talk about how to run a successful Facebook ad. A few tips that will help you are outlined below:

Create a Facebook Funnel and Implement It.

The basis of any successful marketing campaign is a good strategy. Facebook ads are not an exception to this rule. The Facebook Ad Funnel is where you drive a potential lead into liking your business and then make a sale out of it. The three steps of creating a Facebook Funnel are awareness, engagement remarketing, and website remarketing.

Awareness is about creating more of an online presence on social media so as to reach your audience. engagement remarketing is how you make your Facebook audience check out your product and service offerings. Website Remarketing is about engaging those who liked your website and converting them into buyers or users of your services.

Setup and Optimise Facebook Pixel Settings.

Facebook Pixel allows you to track your ad campaigns and figure out if you are reaching the right people. Basically, this tool enables you to calculate your return on ad spend or ROAS.

Create Your Target Audiences.

Learning about Audience Temperatures on Facebook will allow you to create and develop your target audiences. Cold audiences refer to people who haven’t heard about your business; they are at the bottom of your marketing foundation. On the other hand, warm audiences have interacted with your Facebook page. Hot audiences already know your company but haven’t made any purchases.

Since you are now aware of how Facebook Advertising works, get out there and work on creating an awesome social media marketing strategy.

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