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			Converting Window Shoppers into Customers: Effective Sales Strategies

Converting Window Shoppers into Customers: Effective Sales Strategies

There is nothing easy about converting people into customers, especially if all they are doing is window shopping and browsing. Window shopping shows that someone is interested in what you have to offer – they are either interested in the products or services, or they are interested in the brand as a whole – but there is no guarantee that they are ready to commit to a sale. In fact, a surprising number of people window shop online, without ever converting into a customer.


This can be frustrating, knowing that you are attracting shoppers and grabbing their attention, but also knowing that they aren’t fully ready to part with any money. Luckily, there are a number of sales strategies that effectively convert window shoppers into customers.


What’s Stopping Window Shoppers From Converting?

The term ‘window shoppers’ used to be in reference to those who shop in person, wandering around a shopping centre and not buying anything. But, it’s now used to describe ecommerce shoppers, people who have a level of interest in the brand, product or service, but are not yet ready to commit to buying anything.


Window shoppers – those who browse products or services without making a purchase – often encounter a barrier that stops them from converting into paying customers. Understanding these obstacles is key, as it can help you to encourage window shoppers to commit to a purchase. Some of the common reasons why window shoppers may not convert include:


  • Unattractive Prices – When it comes to deciding whether to make a purchase, price is one of the biggest factors. A lot of window shoppers head elsewhere if there isn’t an incentive to buy, such as a discount code or promotion.


  • Slow Shipping – Businesses take shipping very seriously, with many offering next-day delivery options. If a business doesn’t offer fast shipping and fails to meet this standard, customers are likely to go elsewhere. Customers want to know that a business provides reliable shipping with minimal delays.


  • Lack of Trust – A lot of shoppers need to feel as though they trust a brand before buying anything, and there are a handful of things that can break someone’s trust in a business. For example, they might read bad reviews or they might not recognise the branding.


  • Payment Problems – It’s not uncommon for customers to abandon shopping once they get to the checkout, especially if filling in their payment information is complex or time-consuming. This is why a lot of ecommerce businesses provide quick payment methods, such as PayPal and Apple Pay.


  • Life – To put it simply, life can distract an online shopper. Whether it’s something else engaging online – such as a cheaper price, an exciting product or a funny meme – or something in person, it’s very easy to get distracted when you are shopping.


Effective Sales Strategies for Window Shoppers

There are a variety of sales strategies that work for window shoppers, all of which are aimed at helping to convert a window shopper into a paying customer.


  • Focus on Micro-Conversions – Instead of hoping to turn someone into a paying customer straight away, focus on micro-conversions first and build it up. Things such as watching a video about the brand could lead to them finding out more about who you are and what you do, or giving them a promo code in exchange for an email address draws their attention to what you are offering. Though each individual ‘yes’ is small, it helps to build a connection between the shopper and the business.


  • Find Out Why They’re Not Converting – There are a lot of reasons why window shoppers don’t convert, but this can vary from business to business. Take the time to gather data and consider why your specific customers are not committing to purchases. With this information, you can tailor your digital marketing approach to them. For example, you could start retargeting on social media or putting out more content. You might decide to make more of an effort to share your brand’s story or boost your email marketing efforts.


  • Give Out Samples – There are a lot of benefits of online shopping, but many customers still want to see a product before they commit to buying it, like they would if they were shopping in person. You can do this as an ecommerce business, it just requires a little bit more creativity.


  • Make Online Shopping Easier – Customers want to be able to shop online with ease, and shopping online should be as easy as shopping in person. They need to be able to navigate through the website quickly, easily finding the products and information that they need. If they need support, they should be able to find this quickly and the support should be excellent. It’s important that online shoppers have the same customer experience as in-person shoppers.


  • Entertain or Education – Don’t make the mistake of jumping straight to selling, as this could put window shoppers off. Instead, focus on entertaining or educating your audience. This can be done with informative blog content, marketing videos or by regularly answering customer questions. Customers should see you as a font of knowledge and a guide, an industry expert that they can trust.


At Profici, we know how hard it can be to convert shoppers, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. With the right sales strategies in place and an effective digital marketing plan, converting window shoppers into customers becomes a lot easier. To find out more about our digital marketing and sales services, get in touch with our talented team.