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			5 Best Free WordPress SEO Plugins

5 Best Free WordPress SEO Plugins

There are a lot of free WordPress plugins to choose from, many of which are designed to improve SEO. Below, we have taken a look at five of the best SEO plugin options.


Yoast is arguably one of the most popular free WordPress SEO plugins, and with good reason. With Yoast, you can optimise your pages and manage on page SEO with ease. You can choose the keywords and key phrases that you would like to rank for, and Yoast will make you aware of any improvements that need to be made on the page. It’s a simple tool, and it’s very easy to see if there are any errors or flaws with your on page SEO. One of the disadvantages of Yoast is that it lacks the ability to understand the intent of your content, which might result in it flagging content errors that you are better off ignoring.

Rank Math

Like Yoast, Rank Math highlights the improvements you need to make on your web pages. It’s able to audit individual pages, or the entire website, to highlight any improvements that can be made for SEO purposes. For example, it might flag missing metadata or make you aware of content without any keyword targeting. Rank Math also allows you to integrate your website with social media and optimise for local target areas. The only downside of Rank Math is that it’s not the easiest plugin to use for those who are new to WordPress.

Total W3 Cache

Even a small improvement in your website’s page load speed can make a big difference to SEO, which is why Total W3 Cache is a popular free WordPress plugin. Total W3 Cache is the ideal plugin for improving your website speed and page load time, and it’s extremely easy to use. Once the plugin is set up, Total W3 Cache claims to improve the website’s overall performance ten fold. Though it’s a good plugin, a number of key features are not available as part of the free version.


Images are a huge part of website design and development; they make a page engaging and attention grabbing. However, images can significantly slow down the speed of your website, which can hinder your SEO efforts. Thanks to Smush, you can optimise and compress images without losing quality. Though Smush does make a difference, it’s not the most effective way of improving website performance.


Redirection is used to set up and manage redirects, which is a hugely important part of SEO. The plugin allows you to create, manage and monitor all of your redirects using one plugin.

A redirect is a way to send users and search engines to a different URL from the one they originally requested. If you have put a lot of hard work into optimising a URL and then decide to change things up, Redirection will ensure that all of the SEO authority that has built up will be passed on as a redirect to the new URL.

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