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			10 Tips to improve your PPC Campaign

10 Tips to improve your PPC Campaign

PPC (pay-per-click) is one of the most common forms of marketing today, and one which has stood the test of time. It’s a proven way to get the desired results, but unless you’ve planned and optimised it properly, you won’t get the results you’re after.
Here are 10 ways to improve your PPC campaign:

1. Define your goals

With clear, measurable goals, you’ll be able to better optimise your PPC campaigns to achieve the desired end result. Therefore, having these goals as a focal point is necessary because they act as a baseline for the entire PPC optimisation and tweaking process.

2. Ad extensions

PPC marketing and ad extensions go hand in hand. You can either manually set up an ad extension or make it automatic when certain conditions have been met.
Ad extensions are very useful for providing a glimpse of your site content, what the user things of your products and any other information available on your page. Some ad extensions are even capable of showing business contact information and let prospects contact you directly. It’s a great way to boost web traffic.

3. Manual bidding

Without a great bidding strategy, your “brilliant” PPC campaigns won’t be so brilliant. After you’ve set some campaign goals, you should customise your bidding which can help you lower CPA (cost-per-action), increase ad visibility and prioritise keywords which will convert better.
You could always use automatic bidding, but relying on search engines does have downsides – for example, a simply way to fine-tune or adjust your campaign if it isn’t yielding the desired results.

4. Content optimisation – prioritise it!

Content optimisation typically involves improving not just the performance of your webpages but also its underlying aesthetics and everything else which provides unique value to your audience – so, we’re talking content editing, optimisation and re-posting, conversion optimisation, user experience improvements, and so on.
Optimise content from your audience’s perspective and always include the relevant keywords in your ads when creating ad groups.

5. Remarketing (yep, still works)

Remarketing, a very important and highly useful PPC feature, lets you display ads to previous visitors. But why is this important? Because it’s a great way to boost and improve your PPC campaign’s overall conversions.
Another major advantage of remarketing is that it lets you come up with highly targeted ads, making it easier to convert visitors.

6. Website optimisation

Your website needs to grab and retain your visitors’ attention the moment they land on it. Loading performance, visual stability across all devices and interactivity are just some of the core elements that not only help you improve user experience but also convert more ads.

7. Revisit keywords

This revolves around expanding your list of keywords, eliminating the ones that aren’t performing well and updating negative ones. Even small actions like removing a negative term from a keyword or adding the right adverb can boost ROI and get you more clicks.

8. Competitor analysis

The process of assessing your competitors’ strengths, weaknesses, competencies and strategies will help you tailor your PPC campaign better. Beat them at their own game, so to speak.

9. Align the campaign with your target audience

If you know who your potential customers are, then PPC ads will work well. General audiences are always far more challenging to convert than specific, tailored, and targeted ones.
So, it always helps to know their interests, income levels, geographical location, age, occupation, etc.

10. Landing pages optimised to your local audience

If your operation is spread across multiple locations, as is the case with most online businesses, you need to optimise each location-specific landing page accordingly. This provides a far more personal experience to your prospects, allowing them to quickly access only the information they need about your offerings.