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    Outsourced Marketing Director

    What does an Outsourced Marketing Director do?

    At Profici, we help you build loyalty and trust with reality-based marketing. We empower great ideas and believe that great content comes from great people, just like you!

    We can help you cut through the noise, find your audience and deliver your brand story at it’s best. We are dedicated to authentic brand stories and use journalistic methods to create the largest possible value for both your budget and your audience.

    Our Work

    Delivering amazing results for clients around the world. We’re quietly confident that, together, we can produce results that you will be proud to measure and share.

    Check out some of the projects we have already tackled below!

    Liverpool Gin Distillery

    Liverpool Gin Distillery came to us in 2018. When we were approached by Liverpool Gin Distillery, it was not only a new site but a new concept. The guys wanted to offer visitors the opportunity to see their distillers in action. They produce their very own Liverpool Gin on-site in a custom-built 600ltr copper still while visitors relax with a refreshing drink at the bar.


    See Their Website



    What did we do?

    • Website Design
    • Brand
    • Signage
    • Video
    • Photography
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Lead Generation
    • Print
    move residential screenshot

    Move Residential

    Move Residential approached us in 2013.  We have since built four separate websites for the company. The most recent website will be challenging the Online Housing Market where we will be going up with the likes of Purple Bricks.


    See Their Website

    A Winning Strategy

    Hiring an outsourced Marketing Director would be beneficial in many ways, not just to your budget. Not only do they have a fresh perspective on your business and can help you identify your ideal clients but they are more proactive because with their knowledge of your business and the marketing industry, they are continually focusing on your marketing thinking for you.


    Anthony O’Brien has over twenty years of experience in the marketing industry, working with a wide variety of customers in various industries. Hiring Anthony also means that you will have access to the Profici experts whenever needed. They come up with new ideas and ways to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves.


    Today’s marketing requires highly developed technical expertise such as search engine optimisation, ppc, offer development, website analytics, content creation to name just a few.

    Three themes we can focus on:

    Leveraging Existing Marketing Activities

    You’re already doing brilliantly with email marketing and cold email. You said that you’re not 100% sure what’s working because you don’t have any tracking on your marketing but that it’s a gut feeling.

    We’ll be looking to get tracking in place and get those campaigns on steroids. This will be the first port of call because it will bring us results quicker and this will fund our later efforts.

    Expert Positioning

    We think that you’d find it easier to get more calls, meetings and sales if your public profile portrayed more of an expert status. You’re absolutely right with this.

    All the ‘big names’ you know of, respect and buy from, all do a set of things which bring their positioning from a place of “please buy from me” to “of course you can join my waiting list”.

    That’s what we’re going to achieve for you. It’s not going to happen overnight and it’ll be something you need to continue adding to long after the 12 months is up.

    The plan is to get you 8 guest posts on respected websites, and position you as an expert using a whole range of tactics geared towards having people respect you.

    Intelligent and timely offers

    It’s all well and good being featured in all the best places but if you’re not able to capitalise on the opportunity you have in front of you then it’s not much more than bragging rights. Cool, but you can’t pay your mortgage with them.

    So every piece of outreach, marketing, guest posting will have its own way of capturing new leads which we’ll later turn into customers.

    A combination of these three strategies will give us the quick cash to get started, build your profile and generate leads in the process.

    The golden rule of marketing is test and measure. If it turns out that something unexpected happens that is producing better than expected results, it would be crazy not to milk it.

    This will all be in your consultation, but essentially it means that we won’t just blindly stick to the plan if the results indicate something different will be more successful. Adaptability is the key.


    What We Can Do For You

    • Develop and execute a marketing strategy which will align to your business goals
    • Work with you to identify your ideal customer and their pains and frustrations
    • Help you to differentiate Privilege HR from your competition
    • Save you time – usually businesses ask their employees to come up with content for what is happening in the business, this can take quite a bit of time to come up with especially if employees are busy. One hour with us and we can gauge enough content for your website/social media content
    • Social media planning
    • Measure and report on results, adjust the strategy and plan going forward

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