It’s Time to Change Your Tired Old Marketing Strategy

The upending of social norms has become the new normal, while maintaining a consistent marketing strategy has never been more important. Everything has changed; so maybe now is the best time to improve upon your tired marketing strategy.

A relatively predictable world, where the landscape appeared static and businesses and brands knew what their marketing strategy entailed seems like an age ago. In its place, we are now living in the most uncertain and yet innovative time in recent memory. The upending of marketing and social norms has become standard, while maintaining a consistent and rich marketing strategy has never been more challenging.

Make no mistake: Your ability to deliver an on-brand message has never been more important. What you say and how you say it should now be absolutely imperative to your new look marketing strategy.

Everything has changed; so now is the best possible time to change tact.

Building a Marketing Strategy for an Uncertain Future

It’s Time to Change Your Tired Old Marketing Strategy PROFICI

Striking out to acquire new customers is so important, however, customer retention has become more vital than ever due to people making more cutbacks than usual and choosing who they deal with with more caution and less gung-ho’ness.

The balance between customer retention and customer acquisition is essential to a cohesive marketing strategy. Whether it be vibrant or risk-taking design or new and assertive rhetoric, be sure to be bold with your messaging as it will likely be largely responsible for the success or failure of your campaign.

Build your marketing strategy around these key messaging values and you should acquire new clients impressed by your confident and clear message, while also retaining customers who are interested in your apparent change of direction.

Explore Technology

New technologies should enable your marketing campaign to maximise its presence on digital channels in 2021.

Take ServiceTag, for example. ServiceTag is the perfect solution to social distancing. Capitalising on and revolutionising the new-look hospitality industry, ServiceTag has many features such as repeat ordering, the capacity to add notes and tips and pinpointing due to GEOlocation.

The app is a clear example of how a brand has used technology to its advantage.

But be aware. When preparing your marketing strategy always remain nimble and ready to cater to the everchanging tastes and trends of your audience.

Make Space for Change in Your Marketing Strategy

It’s Time to Change Your Tired Old Marketing Strategy PROFICI

Relying on the ‘marketing status quo’ in the months to come, when there’s no such thing as a status quo anymore, is bound to be unsuccessful.

Post Covid19 will be the time when customer-centric messaging takes its rightful place at the top of the consumer engagement tree. A rigid strategy is no good for anyone; you have to be adaptable – it’s your job.

Flexibility and Creativity are the cornerstones of any strong marketing strategy, so always be prepared to rip everything up and change path in an instance.

Don’t Ignore the Numbers

A data-based approach combined with good creative can be extremely beneficial when creating your marketing strategy.

Tracking performance at such an unpredictable time is important as there’s no space at the moment for costly mistakes or stabs in the dark. It’s vital to know what’s working and what’s not in order to know where to focus your creative team.

Ignore the numbers at your own peril.

How We Put Together our Marketing Strategy

It’s Time to Change Your Tired Old Marketing Strategy PROFICI

What you can do at this very moment, in this historic and unprecedented period, is embrace change and create a new-look marketing strategy adapt at coping with the ‘new normal.

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