Why Law Firms Need to Market Themselves Now More Than Ever
The internet and social media have completely revolutionised how we react to and receive information, making any business now marketable. As we find ourselves in the midst of a digital revolution, law firms must now not only compete for leads online, but also engage with prospects at every point in their journey in order to … Continue reading "Why Law Firms Need to Market Themselves Now More Than Ever"
Why Liverpool is the Best City to Start a New Business in 2021
If you’re looking to launch your new business in 2021, then you’d be best not to overlook Liverpool. Liverpool has undergone something of a phoenix-like rebirth in recent decades, having transformed from terminal post-70s decline to becoming one of the entrepreneurial and cultural powerhouses of the UK. So, if you’re looking for locations in which … Continue reading "Why Liverpool is the Best City to Start a New Business in 2021"
How to Market Your Business at Christmas
The Christmas season represents love, generosity and kindness. But to marketeers, there is always an emphasis on understanding how these festive feelings translate to consumers. Indeed, customers are in a buying mood at Christmas – and every brand needs to cut through the noise. A business’ winning formula during the yuletide season is underpinned by their ability … Continue reading "How to Market Your Business at Christmas"
4 Reasons Why Time Management is Important
Everyone’s time is valuable, whether they assign a monetary value to it or not. Poor time management can cause everything from lack of sleep and unhappiness to health complications such as stomach ulcers and migraines. Just the thought of having too little time to finish work is enough to make people feel stressed. Not only … Continue reading "4 Reasons Why Time Management is Important"
Why Should Businesses Use LinkedIn to Generate Leads
Did you know that LinkedIn has 562 million members? Impressive, but it’s in fact far less than the more well-known social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. So, with social media users on average spending less time on LinkedIn, why should you use it to generate business? Here’s 4 perfectly good reasons why … Continue reading "Why Should Businesses Use LinkedIn to Generate Leads"
4 Reasons Why Businesses Fail
90% of new businesses fail within 2 years. It’s a simple yet unfortunate fact. If you’ve ever started a business and failed, then you are not alone. What these stats suggest is that new businesses need help to survive and meander through the tough two-year period. Therefore, understanding what you failed to learn in the … Continue reading "4 Reasons Why Businesses Fail"
How to Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance
The phrase work-life balance conjures up images of healthy MDs and CEOs who spend eight hours at work, eight asleep and the remaining eight pursuing their cosy hobby locked away in the shed. Indeed, rather than rejecting this in favour of the stereotypical and, albeit, unsustainable, idea of what a CEO should be, entrepreneurs should, … Continue reading "How to Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance"
It’s Time to Change Your Tired Old Marketing Strategy
The upending of social norms has become the new normal, while maintaining a consistent marketing strategy has never been more important. Everything has changed; so maybe now is the best time to improve upon your tired marketing strategy. A relatively predictable world, where the landscape appeared static and businesses and brands knew what their marketing … Continue reading "It’s Time to Change Your Tired Old Marketing Strategy"
What Marketing is and why we’ve started a blog
What marketing is to Profici   There’s a romanticism to the idea of what marketing is. The mastery shown in Mad Men remains prevalent, while advertising has absolutely retained its resolutely fascinating and profoundly dazzling aura, however, there are no longer ‘easy wins.’ We therefore do not exult in an over-idealised depiction of what marketing … Continue reading "What Marketing is and why we’ve started a blog"